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The streets of Faribault, Minnesota, are lined with nice shops, and local shops are still strong, especially downtown, where residents can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at local restaurants. The biggest hit is the hand - sliced fries, but you can find a variety of other options, such as the Prime Dip Wrap (try it, spicy and delicious).

I love the beautiful outdoor setup, where there is a horseshoe pit and often live music, as well as lots of food and drinks.

The concert at Nelson's Court is the first of eight concerts the duo will give in December this year. The only concert in the series to take place outside Central Park, the concert will mark the 40th anniversary of Nelson Farm. During the reception afterwards, concertgoers can walk through the rooms and interact with the musicians. There is folk that plays instrumental music, but there is a lot of folk music that everyone talks about, from folk to country to blues, from jazz to folk.

Also on the local calendar is the annual Taste of Faribault event, hosted by the Farabault Chamber of Commerce, which features a variety of food and beverage providers, as well as live music and food trucks.

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By offering several music packages worth $30 today, we are able to compete with some of the state's larger companies. We have excellent repair facilities to continue to support our students and schools, and by catering to the needs of our local schools we are meeting a need that some say is too small to have a variety of music shops with our own focus. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in this, as we have been locals since our father founded the Music Mart in Lamberton, Minnesota, in 1971.

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The Paradise Center for the Arts building brings life to Faribault, the multifunctional arts center that hosts a variety of arts and cultural events as well as a range of events for children and adults.

Clients include students, parents, teachers, community members, business owners and the community in general to support the Paradise Center for the Arts and the local community.

Customers can plan their entire event in advance, including the music selection and special activities. If you need help or suggestions or want to choose music, we will also choose you.

Dive into the story of the youth caravan that traveled to the Standing Rock Native American Reservation to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline - a life that is a transformative experience for thousands of Native Americans. Drive through farmland in southern Minnesota, snap some photos and arrive at the FariBAULT music festival in Fargo, Minnesota, on Saturday, April 22, 2016. Check in to our website for more information and to check in to our Facebook page and Twitter page.

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More About Faribault

More About Faribault